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About pleasure boating directive

Udicer/Nautitest is Notified Body to European Community by italian Government, identified by international number 0966 and it accomplishes to all the examination’s and certification’s process for the CE branding of recreational crafts and components contemplated by the new 2013/53/UE directive (and residual applications of the 94/25/CE – 2003/44/CE directive) and to the quality’s certifications about production and company. Udicer also delivers inspections for issue, renewal and validation of security certificates for crafts and all the verifications planned by the Nautical Code and by the actualization’s rules.

About marine equipment directive

Udicer/Nautitest is also Notified Body for Marine Equipment Directive (MED) 2014/90/UE, and it implements all the planned certifications for the SHIPSWHEEL COMPLIANCE BRAND about inflatable and stiff rescue boats, assistance crafts, rescue boats engines, etcetera.

Organization and team

The staff is composed of skilled professionals that present themselves to users in a more complete and productive new way, that opens to a different relationship between ship owners and control body: a ship and a boat are not the same, and they are not subject to the same technical and construction rules. Therefore an inspection on a boat for a security certification or a validation can be positively carried on without “excessive weight ” for the users, maybe with absurd requests, only through a specific nautical knowledge.

In addition to the headquarter, housed in an eminent Eighteenth Century’s villa along the renowned Brenta’s Riviera, close to Venice, the Company has a Technical Management Office in Padova (via Giacinto Andrea Longhin, 3) and secondary operative offices in all the Italian coastal regions and also in Lombardia and Piemonte. There are UDICER “representations” in Croazia, Grecia, Malta, Francia, Spagna, Cipro, Tunisia, Principato di Monaco, Cina, Emirati Arabi.

Surveyors, that refer to a lean, modern and efficient organization, are easily activated without odd formalities and they attend in a very quick time. It is enough, for example, to make a call to request a periodic visit to renew the security certificate, that will be accomplished within two days starting from the call, with instant release of the certification.

Med and pleasure boating tests

Udicer has the following technological supports:

  • tests and analysis laboratory, both for PLEASURE BOATING PRODUCTS and for MED PRODUCTS, where it is possible to implement mechanical examinations on every kind of metal, alloy, p.r.f.v., etcetera, and also chemical analysis, radiographies, electronic microscope, lack and damage surveys and whatever is essential for the shipbuilding industry;
  • the laboratory for marine engine’s emissions;
  • the laboratory for not destructive tests on any material, fiberglass and composites included;
  • the laboratory for textiles;

UDICER makes use of laboratories settled by Accredia and/or by tests settled by Accredia or validated by UDICER. Our Body also carries out "home tests" (by transportable equipments also among the manufacturer) for the followings:





Presidente Ente Tecnico: Ing. Mazzino Bogi
Amministratore: Cap. Christian Signorelli